Singing Love To The Light

canto [cahn’-to] (noun) singing, luz [looth] (noun) light. Extraordinary light hunters Manuel and Qing shoot weddings and engagements anywhere around the U.S.

1. What is your photography style?

We are basically working in a “photojournalistic” style to record the essence of your wedding in an unobtrusive and documentary way. It will help you memorize each of the passing moments that you would never want to forget. As photography is all about light, and we are among the few that can both see and capture the beautiful light in any time and at any location, we may give you some suggestions during the day in order to let these moments unfolded in the best light possible. For our “Signature” beauty shots, we will also give you some simple pose suggestions to achieve the most amazing and gorgeous portraits that you would be dying to have.

2. What does your collection include and what’s the collection price ?

Almost all of our wedding and engagement collection includes at least 8-hr shooting coverage, all professionally-processed digital image files, private on-line gallery as well as custom-designed album books. Our engagement session includes up to 2 hrs shooting, private online gallery and all prfessionally-processed image files. Besides these, we also offer various kinds of print products and other services. Our basic wedding collection starts from $2,500, and engagement collection starts from $450. Please contact us for more details or customization about these photography collections.

3. Will we get an album book?

Yes! Almost all of our current collections include a custom-designed album book. After the session, we will put a private online gallery for you and you may choose certain amount of images to let us put in your album book. After the design was approved by you, it will be directly sent for production by our trusted professional lab. We also offer a series of premium album book with a few customized options for you to choose in our premium collections.

4. How many images will be delivered to us? 

Our job is to record the most beautiful details and moments in your big day, thus we never pursued certain quantity of the images that we can shoot instead of working hard to achieve exceptional quality. But in our experience, for a typical 8-hr wedding, we will normally deliver no less than 500-600 images.

5. Do you offer service like Photo Booth?

Yes, we can add a photo booth in your wedding collection as well as any other events. We have whole set of equipment for this that will make everything nice and easy for you.

6. How many photographers will come to shoot our wedding or event?

We always have two photographers working side by side, achieving different angles, contents and compositions to enrich the artworks that you will have after the session.

7. How do we  hire you?

It’s fairly easy! Just click the “Contact” on the top menu and finish the form online with all of your information. Then you can just relax and wait for our call (preferred) or email (if you didn’t leave your phone number) within 12 hrs in general. And we’d love to discuss more details about our photography services as well as your wedding day details with you and your lover in person.

8. What about other questions that we can’t find answers here?

Simple, just give us a call (518-763-3612) or email us ( any time, we are always ready to help you!