Singing Love To The Light

canto [cahn’-to] (noun) singing, luz [looth] (noun) light. Extraordinary light hunters Manuel and Qing shoot weddings and engagements anywhere around the U.S.

Cantoluz Photography, previously known as Affordable Photo Pros, is a dream team of two professional wedding photographers Manuel Ortiz and Qing Zhao. Cantoluz, a Spanish word combo meaning “singing to the light”, reflects the true essence of our artistic visions towards wedding photography. We believe everyone’s wedding imagery can be classic, pretty, funny, fashionable, touching and amazing. We located in NY capital region, but are available to shoot your weddings national wide in the U.S.

For our photography styles and service details, please refer to our F.A.Q. page.

Manuel Ortiz

Since childhood, Manuel Ortiz had a big dream of becoming a visual artist to bring beauty and happiness to everyone in this world. After working in the banquet house for over 17 years and going through hundreds of wedding parties, Manuel finally decided to pursue his childhood dream and taught himself to become a wedding photographer. In 2009, he started his modest wedding photography business as Affordable Photo Pros with his friend and assistant Chris Santos. Three years later, Manuel met Qing in a local club and they immediately found so many common things on the understanding of photography from each other. Soon after their 1st meeting, Chris left the business and Manuel planned to team up with Qing to rebrand his wedding photography business. They started to shoot weddings together since the middle of 2012, and continued to expand their wedding business in the capital region and the surrounding areas till today. In 2014, Manuel and Qing determined to build a permanent wedding photography collective and rebranded Manuel’s wedding business as Cantoluz Photography.

Qing Zhao

Graduated as a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Qing found his passion of photography by accident in NYC. In Qing’s world, photography is his inseparable perception and attitude of life. As the owner of Silentwings Photography (a primary experimental project started during his Ph.D. study), Qing continued to get training from the top professionals in the industry as well as self-trainings through a bunch of personal projects. Qing’s artistic visions as well as unique imagery have already impressed many past clients as well as colleague photographers. Since 2012, Qing collaborated with Manuel to shoot weddings as a duo team and won lots of acclaims from the clients and vendors. With the tremendous growth of their wedding business in the past two years, Qing and Manuel rebranded as Cantoluz Photography in early 2014 and wish to bring their photographic magic to more beautiful couples around the nation.